About Us



If you went to Nedvizhimostumoria.ru site, then you are interested in accommodation near the sea and probably – have warm.

I live on the Sunshine coast of Spain (Costa del Sol) for 20 years. Hailing from Yalta, I found a second home here. If you know of Crimea and my home town, Marbella is the closest to the Yalta climatic conditions, but with a European service, kitchen and living conditions.

With my Spanish colleagues, we specialize in selling and buying property in Sunny Beach Spain, for the Russian-speaking clientele. It goes without saying that if necessary, we are ready to draw the legal, tax and financial institutions to provide services for the acquisition or sale of real estate.

Now it’s up to you – specify your request and we will do everything necessary for us to become neighbors in Sunny Beach.

Yours faithfully

Irina Kasatkina

Real estate agent